Learning Games for Kids

There is one effective way to ensure that children retain the information which is being taught to them and that is by ensuring that the information is being taught in a fun but informative manner. This way children are not only able to recall the information but they are also able to recall the pleasant memories that are associated with the information that has been learned.

Matching Games
Matching and memory games are some of the most important methods that children learn. Through this method, children can learn to match something as simple as upper case to lower case letters but they can also learn languages, words and colors.

Parents and teachers can use the matching method to teach children colors, as well as teaching children to associate colors with certain words and other parts of the language. Parents actually have all of the tools that are required, including paper and colors to enable and encourage the child to take control of education early.

Learning through Song
Learning through song can be an effective way to teach children as it enables the children to more easilyr remember and recall the information. Learning through song is one of the earliest methods that children can use to exercise the memory and recall the words of the song.

There are many traditional songs that are associated with traditional learning aspects including the alphabet, numbers and even phonics and animal noises but you can also make up songs to learn various things, such as learning how to do things around the house, as well as taking into account methods which are used to learn specific skills within a culture.

Songs are an effective way to teach the child and they can be silly, fun and goofy. Learning the song is just as fun as singing the song and therefore keeps the child engaged through the entire time when the song is being sung.

For older children, you can easily incorporate actions into the song, even for younger children you can incorporate these small actions. Combining the words of the songs with actions can help the child to retain the information quicker, as they have tactile triggers that can help the child to recall the lyrics in the song, but also the information in which the song lyrics represent.

Treasure Hunt and Puzzle Games
Using incentive in the form of a treasure hunt where the children that are taking part in the game have an incentive to reach the end. Treasure hunts encourages independence, thinking about sequence and using their cognitive skills to predict the location of the clues. Although the parent may have to read the clue, the children can work together to find the prize at the end of the game.

Puzzle games effectively include counting, reading, thinking skills and a combination of team building activities as the children work together to reach the common goal. Through the information which is provided, the parent or care giver, or teacher can come up with clues that incorporate the information that the children are currently learning and therefore the children can have a review of the information that has been learned, without focusing on the learning but applying the skills that have been learned to a real-life environment.

Shape Sorting
For young children, learning shapes and colors can be simple with the use of colored cardboard which is cut into various shapes. Through the various shapes which are cut, there are many activities that can help the child to learn about the world around them. Cutting various shapes in the form of circles, triangles, diamonds, squares and other forms of parallelograms in various colors can allow the child to sort the shapes in the form of shapes, sort the shapes in the form of color or even create a concept of opposites.

There are many toys which focus on shape sorting and allow the child to find the correct space for the shape which can be inserted into the toy. Through toys and games like these, children can learn the various shapes, as well as learn about colors through play and the information can be retained in the head as the child will remain interested in these toys as they can be easy to update and change the game around within moments. Finding different games within the one toy can be an effective way to teach the child their shapes.

Twenty Question
In the game of twenty questions, the child can ask up to twenty yes/no questions to the answerer to deduce what the pre-choosen person, place, or thing is. If the child guesses the answer correctly in twenty questions or less, they win.

The game of twenty questions encourages the children that are taking part in the game to ask questions about the world around them and allows them to increase their vocabulary. The child can make use of learning various words including the words of different colors, textures and locations as well as learning about the words for certain objects. It allows the child to use skills which are required in differentiation between items while aiding the child in learning various words for items that they may be unsure of in their environment.

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