Vocabulary Building Strategies

When it comes to learning new words, they often go in one ear and out the other. There are many strategies that can be used to increase the amount of words that are not only learned but increases the amount of your vocabulary which is actually retained.

Here are some of the strategies that can be used to effectively build your vocabulary:

  • Learning the definition of a word or multiple definitions of the world can be an effective way to increase your vocabulary as learning the definitions of words can be an effective way to really learn the word and have the word synthesize within your memory bank. This also allows for easier recalling of the word in the future. Through a dictionary or other resource, you can become familiar with the many definitions of a word. As well, you can learn the instances in which the word can be used.
  • Using the words in their proper context is an essential part of learning the words and being able to integrate the words into the regular vocabulary. Learning the word can only come from repeated use. Finding sample sentences in which the words can be used and allowing using them in your own context can be an effective way to be able to increase your vocabulary
  • Learning a small amount of words at one time can be the most effective way to ensure that you are able to comprehend the words which are found in the vocabulary. Using small groupings of similar words can be the most effective way to increase your vocabulary. Students that are exposed to too many words at one time are often less successful in learning the words that are associated with your vocabulary and therefore retain fewer words into the full vocabulary. Multiple studies have shown that integrating smaller groupings of words is indeed the most effective way to integrate new words into one's vocabulary.
  • Learning the structure of the words and being able to define the structure of the word can be an effective way to be able to integrate the new words into your vocabulary. Learning the root of the word, prefix and even the suffix of the word can help you to literally dissect the word and find the original meaning. Using this method to learn the word enables you to learn the word from the root upwards.
  • Using the words in direct conversation with others that are also learning the words can enable you to not only say the words which are being learned but it can enable you to also hear the words.
  • Writing the words and using the words in sentences as well as real life situations like letters can be an effective way to learn the words and associate the words with a real meaning. This is one of the most effective ways that you can learn the spelling of the word, as well as an effective way for visual learners to take advantage of vocabulary lessons that suit their leaning style.
  • Making use of the one of the simplest ways to learn vocabulary is to learn one word per day. Making use of a word of the day calendar or book can teach you the spelling, meaning and pronunciation of the word is another way that you can learn simple words.
Using these strategies, you can effectively increase your vocabulary to the point where the words that you've learned are used on a regular basis. Set goals such as learning ten new words a week.

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